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We offer an enviable record of applying strategic thinking and developing actionable solutions to organizations on a scale ranging from discreet projects to enterprise-wide assignments.  Bringing three decades of experience focused on blending the art and science of strategy, marketing and operational effectiveness, we strive to be your trusted partner and advisor in developing innovative strategies that  drive growth.  We work with professional services firms, technology start-ups, manufacturing entities and nonprofit organizations to help them define a viable way forward and achieve their full potential.

Often serving as an advisor to senior leadership, we provide a proven process in developing effective and comprehensive marketing strategies for companies, divisions, industry groups or special initiatives.  We can also provide individual and team coaching to both early stage professionals or seasoned performers, helping them to take their activities to the next level.

We help define the essential challenges that your organization faces, assess the competitive landscape and provide a sophisticated outside perspective to shaping effective strategies that will take you past your most daunting obstacles.  Often our most effective role will be to deliver a fresh point of view in developing an effective plan that is custom designed for the organization and the individual, without the cost of adding a permanent member of senior leadership – a scalable approach that provides the impact where and when you need it.

Joseph J. Melnick

Joe is a dynamic and creative professional skilled in leading the development and implementation of results-oriented strategic planning, business development, marketing, communications and financial programs across various industry groups, practices, offices and client teams.  An experienced member of senior management, Joe has also served on the management boards of for profit and nonprofit companies.  A recognized leader and change agent, Joe's experience encompasses multiple industries including legal, architectural and design, consumer products, manufacturing and construction.

  • Scalable project support for the entire enterprise or discreet components.

  • Proven problem-solving approach

  • Crafted for custom-made fit, bespoke/personalized solutions

  • Project support for the entire enterprise or discreet components

  • Proven problem-solving approach

  • Providing creative strategy and an outside perspective

  • Offering wisdom and counsel by a visionary trailblazer crafting practical and workable solutions

  • Shaped by experiences of being part of senior leadership facing the toughest business challenges 

  • From setting a growth imperative to restructuring in the face of financial distress. 

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