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Our experience extends across a broad spectrum of clients, industries and market segments.  Ranging from leading AMLAW 200 law firms, other professional services firms, design and construction firms, manufacturers and consumer marketing companies to nonprofit organizations - our experience encompasses enterprise driven strategy planning and marketing efforts as well as new product development, new market entry, traditional and digital communications and financial and operational restructuring and turn-arounds.

The following case studies provide a flavor of the types of projects we have handled.

Case Study: Integrating Marketing and Business Development Functions

The marketing and business development functions of a professional service firm had evolved into two related but parallel tracks.  Although they supported the same groups and initiatives, they often did not operate in a coordinated fashion - diminishing  the effectiveness of the firms investment and efforts. 


By bringing these two areas under a unified management vision, we were able to enhance the efficiencies of the department, improve responsiveness and show enhanced ROI.

Case Study: Design and Implementation of a Key Client Program in a Professional Services Firm

This project entailed a two tier program to enhance a professional services firm's relationship with some of it's most important clients:

  • Establish Client Service Teams to meet on a semi-annual basis to discuss new developments in services provided and emerging needs of the client;

  • Set up periodic Client Review Meetings which consisted of annual one on one meetings with top management of the client to gauge satisfaction with on-going services and identify emerging needs and strategic priorities of the client. 

Case Study: Re-Imagining a Manufacturing and Consumer Products Company

The challenge was taking over an iconic consumer products company and aging underused manufacturing facility and simultaneously re-imagining a new market position for the brand and repurposing the facility for more efficient utilization.

  • New branding and packaging innovation resurrected a dying brand.

  • Turning part of the manufacturing plant into an ethanol manufacturer.

  • Restructuring the operations team to more efficiently produce the product.

  • Develop an efficient financial structure that allowed to the company to operate in a sustainable way. 

  • Finding a buyer to purchase the plant and the brand.

Case Study: Setting Up a Marketing and Sales Function in a Professional Services Firm 

Professional Service Firms have seen their operations move from the structure of a profession to highly competitive business operations requiring an effective infrastructure of traditional "corporate" functions to grow and prosper.  An area of particular importance is building a high impact marketing and sales function that compliments the culture of the firm and supports the efforts of the firm's professionals.

  • Evaluated and prioritized the firm's needs.

  • Determined which functions to grow in-house and which to outsource.

  • Developed an appropriate budget framework that provided a strong ROI.

  • Helped identify and recruit the appropriate  talent to fill internal needs.

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